Temptation is the desire to perform an action that one may enjoy immediately or in the short term, but will probably be regretted later for various reasons: legal, social, psychological (including feeling guilt), health-related, economic, etc.

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“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”
― Mae West

Under the influence

Harriett realized she was under the influence; under the power, the alluring, the exciting, the seductive power of our topic today.

“Holy Moly, my oh me! Me my, oh!  No, is it so?”  Harriett’s brain was incoherently raving.  “Good Grief, it will not let me go!”  Her lunacy continued.

Harriett suddenly recognizing her defenselessness against temptation.

Eavesdropping on the Doctor’s cell phone calls was controlling her life.

“Get a grip! Grip, grip, grip……….” echoed the Mysterious Narrator.

Harriet flailed helplessly.   “Resist I cannot!”

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It did not take long for Harriett to get a grip:

“Resist, resist, resist,” she was exhorting herself.


“Resist What?” Asked the Doctor.

A mind numbing shock wave washed over sweet Harriett.

Thunderstruck, she fell over backwards.  In shock she could only stammer, “Oh, #$%!  What?  #%&!  Hello,  Is that you Doctor?”

“Yes, Harriett it is,” replied the Doctor calmly, indifferently, almost reassuringly.

Harriett was sick with anxiety, helplessness and dread.  She became nauseated and began to tremble.

“Have you been receiving my latest thoughts?”  Harriett managed, in a near panic.  She feared the worst, and she realized the worst was about to happen.

“Yes I have.”

Harriett’s heart stopped.  She was about to die.  Then she realized the Doctor’s thought transference came across gently, nervelessly, lovingly and as clear as rebirth into a crystalline state of purity.

They were non-judgmental, compassionate, lovingly wise.

“Oh Doctor, I am so, so sorry….”  Harriett was mortified.  She began to cry.

“No, no, Harriett.  Do not cry.  Worry not my brave confidant.  I assure you. You are in good company. We are all tested at one time or another.  Let’s just chalk this up to a learning experience.”

“OK, ok, Doctor.” Harriett whispered timidly.  “Doctor, are you ….. sure?” she choked.

“Yes, of course.”

She wanted to tell the Doctor she loved, him but it didn’t feel right at this time.

Nonetheless, the Doctor’s telepathy skills are so improved that he felt it.

About Harriett Raptor

Eight-year-old mother of five, fluent in telepathy, a possessor of genetic memory, a genius and scholar. Harriett holds the equivalent of a PhD in philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and the Homo sapiens’ concept of the humanities. Her understanding of mathematics and logic are beyond Homo sapiens’ current comprehension. Harriett is a thinker, a wise osprey, especially distinguished for her expertise in the Homo sapiens problem.
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2 Responses to Temptation

  1. Mark Merrick says:

    Excellent!!! Eavesdropping on telephone calls. That is great! I really enjoyed this chapter.

  2. “Thank you,” said Harriett.

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