Hello Doctor

Daydreaming at the kitchen counter, the Doctor haphazardly gazed at Old North River’s receding tide, hoping his mood would not follow.

Unperceived by said Doctor, two friendly ethereal affirmations, truth and nature, circled the room above him. They were jovial and anxious to enter the Doctor’s psych.

Two good willed affirmations

The Doctor is about to experience them both, first like a child comprehending simple mathematics and then like Plato’s Analogy of the Cave.

Harriett Breaks the Silence 

“Hello Doctor”.  The telepathy passed through the ether at the speed of light.

Like a rogue ocean wave, unexpected and overwhelming, this telepathic thought crashed into the Doctor’s brain, supersaturating and overflowing its meager capacity, but washing it in happiness.

Harriett’s telepathy was strong and clear. Crystal clear, distinct and direct, as if she had something important to say.

“Oh!” The Doctor vocalized before realizing he was not in transference mode.

Overly excited, he spun to look at Harriett’s platform.

In the process he knocked his sardine and anchovy sandwich onto the floor.

Marley was on it in a flash, but on further inspection, let it lay, neglecting his floor cleaning responsibilities.

But, Harriett’s platform was empty.


“Over here,” entered his brain like a soft laser beam.

The Doctor spun again.   And there was she.

Harriett, his beloved, home. Home!

Tears welled forth.


Fish in talon, she stood confidently, sleek and trim, as beautiful as ever, pulling at the Doctor’s heart strings like never before.

Discombobulated, the Doctor had to control-alt-delete to regain his composure.

“Yes, hello,” the Doctor managed a broken, child-like telepathic response.

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Has anyone seen Mary Jane today?

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Mary Jane still here

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Mary Jane

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Visiting the Purple Martin House

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A Visitor

Four juveniles on the nest. Mary Anne is the best fisherperson. Plus she is Woke. And she does not share.

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Juvenile in flight

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Trying really hard

Mary Jane, third hatchling, learning to fly.

“Hey! Wait for me.

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Joe lll makes it to the perch.

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Ready to Fly

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