We’re gone

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Leaving soon


Leaving soon.

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Ready to Fly


Ready to fly.

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Doctor relax,

I will just tell it like it is. I know Dr. Bierregaard confirmed what you have suspected, and this in fact the case.

“Might have been a mate replacement. Sometimes when one of the pair doesn’t survive the migration cycle a young new mate fills in and they don’t get all the pieces of the puzzle in place in time.”

I’m sorry to say my second mate Jonathan, did not survive the migration this year. Do not get upset. This is actually a very common event in our lives… On the way home this year a young Osprey took up with me and we became friends. His name is David. He is two-years-old and has spent the last year and 1/2 in Brazil. David is excited about returning to his birthplace. He was born in the Chesapeake Bay near a place called Gloucester.

More Later………



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Bluebirds Day #11

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Okay, enough!

Telepathically I have received as much as I can stand, regarding the Doctor’s neurotic, manic-obsessive, preoccupation with my lack of reproduction this year.

I am receiving his thoughts clearly, but I must admit I have not responded as we have in the past. This does not mean that I don’t appreciate him and love him. It’s that he just does not uonderstand.


More later…….

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We have Feathers


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