March 3, 2020 — The Santo Antônio Dam reservoir, 6 km southwest of Porto Velho, Brazil:


Shorter days, falling temperatures, dwindling food supply.  Genetic instincts, mysterious alignment of the stars, the Great Spirit’s plan.

Harriett longs for home. The urge to breed, to see her nest. To see the Doctor.  To go home! Home………  She is prepared. Has gained one third of her body weigh to use for energy. The flight is 4612 miles, she will need it all.


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The Doctor

The Doctor is thinking about Harriett. He cannot help it.

“I wonder, where is she? I wonder what she is doing? With whom is she friends? Does she think about me?”

His head turns southward.

“Three more weeks. Three more weeks until she comes home. North, homeward. The Doctor’s heart aches with longing.

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Christmas Eagle

Eagle 2.jpgEagle 3.jpgEagle 1.jpgChristmas Eagle.JPG

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Preparing to Leave

Preparing to leave 1.JPGDSC_0157.JPGPreparing to leave.JPG

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August 20, 2019

Flying 2 (1).JPGFlying 2 (2).JPG

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Flying Practice

12.JPG 10.JPG

Flight.JPG Diving (2).JPGFlying6 01.jpg Flying2 01.jpg

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9 (2)1.jpgUp 1.jpgDown.JPG

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