Osprey Eat Fish

170px-Osprey_with_fish - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg  OspreyFish_111736.jpg

One of the most widespread birds of prey, the osprey is found on every continent in the world except Antarctica.
The osprey is also called the ‘fish hawk’, as it is well adapted for hunting fish.

The Osprey is the only hawk on the continent that eats almost exclusively live fish. In North America, more than 80 species of live fresh- and saltwater fish account for 99 percent of the Osprey’s diet.

Captured fish usually measure about 6–13 inches in length and weigh one-third to two-thirds of a pound. The largest catch on record weighed about 2.5 pounds. Ospreys get most of the water they need from the flesh of their prey, although there are reports of adults drinking on hot days.

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A reversible outer toe helps the osprey to carry fish while in flight.

The osprey plunges feet first to snatch them from the water, sometimes becoming completely submerged.


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