Jonathan has arrived


Imagine my joy. You all knew what I was thinking:
Jonathan would not return to be with me or
Jonathan found someone else or
Jonathan would not survive the migration.
I know you are as happy as I am. Thank God. Praise the Lord.

He is in pretty good shape too; he may be tougher than I had originally thought. It doesn’t matter though. The joy and happiness of having him return is overwhelming. I wish you H. sapiens could experience this wonderful emotion. It’s not all that common in the animal kingdom. Hopefully someday you will have the opportunity to experience it.


Jonathan arrives


Here I am calling to Jonathan when I first saw him.


Here we are together

About Harriett Raptor

Eight-year-old mother of five, fluent in telepathy, a possessor of genetic memory, a genius and scholar. Harriett holds the equivalent of a PhD in philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and the Homo sapiens’ concept of the humanities. Her understanding of mathematics and logic are beyond Homo sapiens’ current comprehension. Harriett is a thinker, a wise osprey, especially distinguished for her expertise in the Homo sapiens problem.
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4 Responses to Jonathan has arrived

  1. Vicky says:

    Handsome fellow!

  2. Vicky says:

    But that nest does not look like Harriet’s handiwork! Jonathan’s influence???

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