Elephant in the Room

“Well, I guess I need to address what everyone is thinking. Not only thinking but asking, or rather demanding, to know what has become of Ozzie.


“Ozzie has perished. There really isn’t any other way to put it. Several of you have realized it on your own.

Nature is Nature.

We Osprey face many perils as we travel between breeding and wintering grounds each year.

osprey migratio9n.jpg


About Harriett Raptor

Harriett O. Raptor 8-year-old mother of five, lifelong mate of Ozzie Raptor until he perished last year, fluent in telepathy with The Doctor and possessor of genetic memory. She is an intellectual, a scholar, philosopher and thinker; a wise, learned osprey especially distinguished for her expertise on the H. sapiens problem.
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