Harriett O. Raptor, S.A.V.A.N.T.

harriett Selfie1                                                                  Harriett O. Raptor

8-year-old mother of five, lifelong mate of Ozzie Raptor, fluent in telepathy with The Doctor and possessor of genetic memory.  She is an intellectual, a scholar, philosopher and thinker; a wise, learned osprey especially distinguished for her expertise on the H. sapiens problem.

Ozzie is Home

“Wow, I can’t believe it! Ozzie’s already there? My goodness, I’m way behind. One moment please……….

Ah ha!  You are right. I better get a move on.  Heck, I haven’t even gotten to the Caribbean Sea.

“I sense the doctor is distressed about something. Is he having pain? Perhaps in his right knee? Or is it he just has not gotten the cameras working yet. He’s hard to read some time when he’s not telepathically engaged.”

Harriett sketch

Harriett O. Raptor

Doctor’s Platform

North River Carteret Co.  NC

Latitude:                34.7286515079363

Longitude:             -76.6212389981747


About Harriett Raptor

Eight-year-old mother of five, fluent in telepathy, a possessor of genetic memory, a genius and scholar. Harriett holds the equivalent of a PhD in philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and the Homo sapiens’ concept of the humanities. Her understanding of mathematics and logic are beyond Homo sapiens’ current comprehension. Harriett is a thinker, a wise osprey, especially distinguished for her expertise in the Homo sapiens problem.
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  1. Margaret Merrick, MD says:

    Good post.

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