Hot Sun in the Summertime

A very good observation. The 2 young chicks have been constantly looking for the shaded areas over these last few days.  Sometimes Harriett will extend a wing and make a sort of tent for them.

I’m not sure how well O&H are getting along. Harriett seems to be annoyed with him if he does not bring a fish within 2- 3 hours.  And then, when he does bring a fish,in they seem to have an argument over who should be in charge of the fish. Almost always Ozzie has eaten the head off the fish before he brings it back to the nest. I think Harriett sees this and concludes that Ozzie has had enough. But sometimes Ozzie does not want to let go. During these times. Harriett gets agitated and basically fights for the remainder of the fish. All the while, the 2 young chicks are ecstatic with excitement. I know some of you have audio. I wish all of you did. It’s really great to hear them fussing and fighting over an incoming meal.

About Harriett Raptor

Harriett O. Raptor 8-year-old mother of five, lifelong mate of Ozzie Raptor until he perished last year, fluent in telepathy with The Doctor and possessor of genetic memory. She is an intellectual, a scholar, philosopher and thinker; a wise, learned osprey especially distinguished for her expertise on the H. sapiens problem.
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