Did you know?

  • When diving after fish, Ospreys can completely submerge themselves underwater and still be able to fly away with their prey. Most other fish-eating birds of prey can only pluck fish from the surface of the water as they fly by.

Hittig the water  Osprey as he dive-bombs river... and lands a whopper 4

Fish too big fishing  big fish

The 1st picture shows an osprey hitting the water as he dives. The 2nd shows him coming up with his catch. In the 3rd picture, this Osprey is clutching a large fish with its talons. The fish is so large he is having trouble taking flight. There are reports of Osprey drowning because they could not free their talons from the fish. The 4th picture shows the size of fish they can catch.


  • When they dive into the water, Osprey close their third eyelid – called a nictitating membrane – which is semi-transparent. It acts like goggles and helps them see clearly beneath the water.

1nictitating membrane  dive - nic membraine                       notice the nictitating membrane in the center picture)!               And dis is mah membrane! It haz a bugz in it!

You will have to enlarge the 2nd picture to see how completely the ospreys eyes are protected at the instant he hits the water. In the 4th picture, look closely there is a bug on this guy’s nicititating membrane.


  • When Osprey carry their prey, they always reposition the fish aerodynamically.


fish carry


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