Extra! Extra!

kidh         shutterstock_104688506Extra-Extra-News      We have an egg!        We have an egg!         We have an egg!         We have an egg!

Today, 4:36 PM Harriett lays an egg.  The entire event has been recorded.

“I wish I could figure out this zoom”, said the Doctor.

So much to say; so little time.

The Happy Fairy is ecstatic.

About Harriett Raptor

Harriett O. Raptor 8-year-old mother of five, lifelong mate of Ozzie Raptor until he perished last year, fluent in telepathy with The Doctor and possessor of genetic memory. She is an intellectual, a scholar, philosopher and thinker; a wise, learned osprey especially distinguished for her expertise on the H. sapiens problem.
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7 Responses to Extra! Extra!

  1. Mark Merrick says:


  2. Congratulations! Just click on the picture to zoom in on it for a closer look at the picture. The egg has a lot of dark spots on it. Male or female? Waiting with great anticipation.

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