The Doctor Caught the Gremlin

Good news!
The Doctor caught the Gremlin.


“I am very proud of the Doctor.  It was a simple but ingenious plan, I must say. He based the capture on something he learned in medical school, way back in the dark ages: EMG and NCS (Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies)”.

“The Doctor suspected the Gremlin was hiding in the marsh, or right along the shoreline, and as it turns out he was right.

He started out early Sunday morning.

night sky
Sunday morning, 5:20 AM

Before sunrise, the Doctor dialed the camera’s surge protection up to 10; (clamp down 180 volts, dispersion 1000 joules and 40,000 amps), just to be on the safe side.

He started monitoring us and the camera images at 5:30 AM.  At that time, the camera image was clear and undisturbed. There was no jumpiness, flickering or image distortion of any kind. He was happy the camera had infrared night vision capability, as he wanted to act on the very first image disturbance of the day.

The sun began to rise at 06:05.

images (3)

The Doctor had placed sensors along the coaxial cable, every ten yards from his office to the platform. At 5:45 AM he began sending an electrical pulse from his big nest to our platform every few minutes.
As soon as the camera image began to flutter; it was 06:08 this morning, the Doctor rapidly sent several impulses to our platform.

th (7)

Within 15 minutes he had located the exact spot where the disturbance originated. Just as he thought, the gremlin was in the marsh, just where the marsh and sand meet. It was mischievously fooling around with the coaxial cable, exactly 73.6 yards from the Doctor’s big nest.

“Oh yeah……” thought the Doctor. “I’ve got you now”.


In the blue-gray, morning half-light, the grasshoppers and crickets serenaded the pre-dawn. A waterfowl announced his presence but will not reveal himself. Avian guests speak. The native birds go about their task, tiptoeing slowly in the marsh grass, tidal pools and mud flats. Tiny ripples of river caress the oyster rock, and calm precedes the dawn. Marley and Cleo, my best friends, receive the new day with me. We share our morning devotional.

We look East with anticipation,
About to witness day’s creation.
Hues of orange-red soak the mist.
Gray haze retreats, it can’t resist
The coming of a brand new day.

When Helios peeks what a sensation!
We are in awe, near elation,
Powerfully, He paints the day
Orange, pink, blue and sparkling gray.
Up He raises again today,
A steady ascent, no delay.
Light and life with every ray,
The Form of Beauty on display.

Sunlight is here and starts to feed
The grass, the marsh, the Great Oak Tree.
Photosynthesis; just believe
What nature can achieve with ease
With just sun, water and green leaves.

And now my love calls out to me,
“Come get some grits Iv’e made,” says she,
I know you will not disagree,
How much more blessed can a man be?

If you like the Doctor’s poem, he says thank you, but now we must go on with the story.

Just as the sun presented its full glory, the Doctor let Cleo (black lab and pit bull mix) and Marley (mostly yellow lab and who knows what) out of the back yard.

“Come on dogs”, he said.” We’re going hunting”.

Cleo and Marley are domesticated wolves serving as house pets. Humans care for them for their unconditional love, but they are spoiled rotten, have no training or discipline.

bl lab

th (7)

As usual, the moment they got outside the Doctor’s big nest’s fence, they ran to the marsh where they love to get muddy, and anger the female human that lives with the Doctor.

The Doctor followed. He had a big stick with him.

It did not take long before they found the Gremlin’s borrow.

gremlin borrow)
The Gremlin’s Borrow

Gremlins are smart. It is no surprise that this particular, borrowing gremlin had more than one entrance and several escape tunnels from its home.

As soon as Marley saw the Gremlin’s borrow he instinctively dove in and began to dig furiously.


Cleo, the older, and wiser, of the two domesticated wolves, stepped back and surveyed the situation. Sure enough after a few moments the gremlin shot out of the ground about 20 feet from where Marley was compulsively digging. Cleo was on it in a flash.

Cleo is a most intelligent canine.  Rather than harming the gremlin she presented it to the Doctor using the soft mouth technique she had learned from her ancestors.

Cleo was very proud and the Doctor was very proud of Cleo. I am proud of Cleo and the Doctor.

Thank you so much for reading.

Love and kisses,


The female human will not be happy.

More on the Gremlin……..

About Harriett Raptor

As an eight-year-old mother of five who is fluent in telepathy, a possessor of genetic memory, and a genius and scholar, Harriett holds the equivalent of a PhD in philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and the Homo sapiens’ concept of the humanities. Her understanding of mathematics and logic are beyond Homo sapiens’ current comprehension. Harriett is a thinker, a wise osprey, especially distinguished for her expertise in the problems facing Homo sapiens.
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6 Responses to The Doctor Caught the Gremlin

  1. Anxious to find out who or what the gremlin will be. 🙂

  2. I, too, can hardly wait to find out the identity of the gremlin.

  3. Mark Merrick says:

    This was a great one. I was laughing out loud with the description of the dogs digging in the marsh.

    Love you,

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