Living in a Tree – Part 2 – The Red Channel Marker is Gone!

The Red Channel Marker is Gone.
Dreams of yesterday.

Red channel marker 1

Thank you Gena Gilbert for this wonderful picture.

April 4, 2012.

Ozzie was perplexed; perplexed and agitated.

“I know it was right here”, he mumbled to himself.

Ozzie had not slept in 36 hours. He had lost 0.84 pounds, his wings ached; he was hungry and tired. Sleeping in his old nest had been on his mind all day.

He was very sure of the site; he kept flying over it, time and time again.

Ozzie SeacheringsOzzie searching

“I must just not see it”, he told himself. “It is there but…….I just can’t see it. Could I be mistaken”?

Ozzie recalibrated his star orientation and magnetic field sensors. All were functioning properly.

“Something is wrong” he thought. “Something is definitely wrong”.

“There are things that cannot be true, that are true; and are true”, his brain proclaimed twice.

Ozzie’s head ached.

Perplexity gave way to anxiety; anxiety to anguish.

His distress worsened. Reality, the truth, could not register in Ozzie’s tired mind. It was inconceivable; no, unthinkable that it could be……….gone? But in fact it was.

The Red Channel Marker was gone!

Anguish gave way to panic.

Ozzie near panicOzzie near panic

Ozzie spent the day in disbelief. He stood on a piling behind the Doctor’s house and tried to reign in his uncontrolled, flaming thoughts. The entire situation was confusing.

“It must be the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon that made it disappear” he thought.
“Or, I’ve entered the Twilight Zone or jumped into a parallel universe. Could it have been a microscopic, earth oriented, black hole? Was it Bimini Road, over a crystal pyramid? A sign post to Atlantis which is now closed? Maybe Steven King took it. Can ghosts or spirits make things disappear? Did it get caught up in a time – space warp, reverse gravity or altered string theory dimensions? Were extraterrestrial beings involved, perhaps a purloined souvenir taken by aliens? What did Harriett say about Occam’s razor?

Ozzie had more questions than answers.

“What the #%*! Happened to The Red Channel Marker”? Was all he could think.

“#%*$, #%!!, %*#!” was all he could say.

Then he realized. “Good God! Harriett will be here in a few days!”

I must pull myself together.

Of course our hero did regain his composure. With a few deep breaths his emotions calmed.

“It is what it is”. Came into his head and keep repeating itself like a broken record.*

“It is what it is, Ozzie you are, tick”.
“It is what it is, Ozzie you are, tick”.
“It is what it is, Ozzie you are, tick”.
The circumstances were undeniable, now certain and foreboding: No channel marker; No nest; No Harriett.

“Find a good site; get to work. Now!”

“What will she think if I don’t have a nice nest started”? He agonized. “Knowing her I could courtship dance all day and she would just stare, her demeanor and gaze unreadable for hours.

“How could this have happened”?

There we no other channel markers in the area. Ozzie flew up and down the river bank looking for a good site. There was a gazebo at the end of the marina dock, but it did not seem high enough. He found a tall dead pine tree with the top limbs snapped off. It looked ideal but it was a quarter mile from the best fishing areas. Ozzie was very familiar with the fishing in N. River. Last year he perfected his skill. He already had two citations for flounder, one for specked trout and a runner up recognition for blues.

Finally a mere three days before Harriett arrived, he found the near perfect location, 200 yards upstream from the Doctor’s back porch. It was the top of a tall Black Locust that had died two years earlier. It over looked the river nicely, but still it was on the river bank. Ozzie preferred channel markers or islands, so he did not have to worry about predators from the ground.

Ozzie felt relieved and stated work immediately. By the end of day one, he had built the tree-base frame, laid out the floor plan and started on the superstructure. On the second day Ozzie completed the more complex reinforcing framework needed to withstand high winds, and stated on the wall supports. He gathered more that 100 pieces of building material that day; and 100 plus more on the forth day. Ozzie neatly wove the tree branches and sticks into the beginnings of a modern day home, including the latest in twig, interlace design. In the late afternoon he found a scrap piece of cloth with part of a rebel flag and a skull imprinted upon it, that fitted nicely over the nest foyer.

nest buildingsOzzie hard at work

By the end of the fifth day, Ozzie had a fine nest started.

“No bird”, he announced to the open sky, “has ever accomplished such a feat”!

And it was impressive; he was able to start a first class nest in four days, after three weeks of continuous flight.

Ozzie was proud.

* See next post.

About Harriett Raptor

Harriett O. Raptor 8-year-old mother of five, lifelong mate of Ozzie Raptor until he perished last year, fluent in telepathy with The Doctor and possessor of genetic memory. She is an intellectual, a scholar, philosopher and thinker; a wise, learned osprey especially distinguished for her expertise on the H. sapiens problem.
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6 Responses to Living in a Tree – Part 2 – The Red Channel Marker is Gone!

  1. Margaret Merrick, MD says:

    Great chapter! Pictures great, too !


  2. Emily Vaughan says:

    Reading about Ozzie and Harriet is like waiting for Downton Abbey to air on Sunday evenings. Just cannot wait to see what happens on each episode. The characters are so well developed and it is difficult to guess what is going to happen next. Curt is a born bird story teller. Way to go, Curt….

  3. Mark Merrick says:

    I had forgotten about the black locust original nest. I guess about another six weeks and they will be back.

  4. I am so glad I found the picture I took of the red marker. Now Ozzie and Harriet can start their own version of Ancestry for little Rikki. 🙂

  5. Cindy says:

    I love the script. I can feel poor Ozzie’s anxiety mounting.
    “The circumstances were undeniable, now certain and foreboding: No channel marker; No nest; No Harriett.”
    Good stuff! cjc

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